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Let's Give John Conn (Rocky5) The Happiest Holiday!

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Attention: Let's all pitch in for the Holidays and help John Conn(aka Rocky5 or JRocky5) and his family have a wonderful one! If you've softmodded your xbox recently chances are you're using something he made for you to make it much easier and foolproof. Please show your appreciation by following one of the links below and donating.

Please login or register to see this link.

and the direct paypal link is:

Please login or register to see this link.

Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!

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Just like to say if anyone does, thank you.

But this isn’t really for me, I don’t do what I do for money. I’m currently not working and I’m a full time dad and I want to give my girls a great Christmas. So money is tight and has been for a while, and all contributions are going to wards the girls Christmas.


Also thank you Blake, for putting this post together. 

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This is amazing. I have to say that Rocky is extremely supportive for anyone having problems on several sites and developing a ton of new ways to use your Xbox. I hope everyone chips in and helps you out my friend. Hope you have a amazing holiday season bud.

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