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MvZiC MaN    28

Hey guys, id like to see your collections! What you have or what you plan on getting. think itd be nice to see what you guys have laying around. Whats the story on it? Where you got it etc...
  (Game consoles, Games, or hardware from any manufacturer, Genre or era)  no PC stuff please unless it is a dev kit of some kind. Post away!!

Anyone have a "Panasonic Q"  or "Game Q" I think that may be the first console i buy to start my real collection.

And heres what i currently have laying around. with more coming in the future.


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I haven't got pics as most are not set up but i currently own, an Amiga CDTV, Amiga a500, Commodore CD32, Sega Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Nomad (LCD Modded) Saturn, Dreamcast, Nes (RGB Modded), Snes Jr, N64 (RGB Modded), Gamecube (With GB Player and Chipped with SD card mod), Famicom with disk system, Twin Famicom, PC Engine, PC Engine Duo, 5 OG Xbox, Xbox 360 (RGH), Xbox One, PS1/2/3/4, Wii and Neo Geo CD and a Pi3 running retropie just in case. I think that's just about everything lol

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Here's mine so far:
Dev Kit, Debug Kit, Halo 1, Halo 2 (???), Crystal, Mountain Dew.

Not shown are the Xecuter w/Face Plate, the Ghost Cases I'm working on or the Red XCM that I'm waiting to figure out what to do with. Plus the standard OGs or the 20 something ModFodder OGs.


Sent from Outer Space

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