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XBox Won't Turn On, Please Help

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought an Xbox and on the first day I turned it on and it booted up fine. Days later I am now trying to turn it on again and nothing.

No lights, no sounds. I have another Xbox and the cable works fine. 

What do I need to do to fix this issue!

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MvZiC MaN    28

Could be trace rot. Have you taken it apart and removed the clock cap and inspected for corrosion?


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KaosEngineer    35

There are 3 fine traces along the outer edge of the xbox motherboard on the solder side (back side) of the PCB that carry the control signals from the front panel power and eject buttons to the PIC processor that controls power and eject functions.  The electrolyte leakage can be great enough that it runs down the edge of the board and has corroded these traces.  As the signals no longer carry the signals well all sorts of strange things can happen.  My Xbox would come on by itself in the middle of the night (ghost power on) until I repaired the traces.  

Take that clock cap out on v1.0-1.5 Xbox's and clean any leaked electrolyte from the top and bottom side of the board.  I've seen some that have leaked enough to get to the bottom of the case leaving a large area of dried up residue.  Most use vinegar to neutralize the electrolyte followed by isopropyl alcohol soaked q-tips to clean up the mess the little aerogel cap left behind since he could no longer hold is electrolyte.

Vinegar is acidic (read before 4.5 pH) and the electrolyte if acidic can't be neutralized by another acid so I think the electrolyte is alkaline >7 pH (i've seen printed that electrolyte can have a pH from 4 to 8, so it can be either acidic or alkaline).  I don't have any litmus paper to verify the pH.  Looks like I need to purchase some strips and test the residue on the next Xbox I repair.

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