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Hello, I introduce myself AkioVibes I'm from Montreal Quebec :)

I collect the original Xbox, I have about half of the complete set, 500 games ...
Currently, I'm looking for info on the console mod: D! I want to increase the ram and double the processor! So make it HD too if you have information, I'm interested!

I am also looking for games and articles of all kinds.


good day all :D thanx for the accepts ! 


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Welcome to OGXbox.com.  

Doubling the RAM on 1.0-1.5 consoles, not possible on a v1.6, doesn't help Xbox games run any better nor does upgrading the CPU to double the clock speed.  These mods do help run some emulators and XBMC4Xbox better as well as Linux.

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For HD resolutions 480p, 720p, or 1080i not recommended, you need either a MS original high definition AV pack or component cable, Monster component cable or Pound Technology HDLink cable. There are other options with cheaper 3rd party component cables.

There is also more expensive higher quality internal HDMI adapter made by @N64 freak. Check his forums Please login or register to see this link. at ogxbox for more info on it.


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