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I can't remember if I did one of these but my name is Andrew. I did my first softmod back in 2007. I have been doing a little light modding here and there with different things. I will admit it wasnt till recently that I got down how to FTP to my Xbox. It seems there maybe be some issues with the exploit that I used and at the moment I dont feel like messing with it. Hexen has allowed me to FTP so I am happy. I will be doing my first TSOP here soon. I have done some interesting case mods with a 360 before. I am hoping to maybe do an OG Xbox Slim mod in the near future.     To date I have modded 2 xboxs, 3 psps, a wii, and a ps2

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    • By bob
      Just a quick hello, I been lurking in the FB page for a while now, its been 10 years since I last took a torq driver to a box,  Glad to see ithe interest in OG is still alive and kicking
    • By jgs600
      hi everyone, been an xbox collector for a few years now, love the new xbox stuff but i do have a decent collection of the old xbox consoles and games ( games are mostly demo versions from shops ) ive got the original xbox hulk edition ( boxed ) brand new blue kasumi chan edition, green dev kit and the larger crystal development kit console, plus a few others like the mountain dew, black crystal one and a nice modded rare red xcm cased model., also got my computer running in a modded crystal xbox case i built a couple of years ago. i did consider selling my hulk edition but i have no idea as to prices anyomore  !!  anyways just thought i would say hi
    • By Donatron
      Hi all, My name is Don. I was a member on XboxScene several years ago. I still have a lot of Xbox parts from years ago sitting in my closet and I'm looking to finish up some projects. 

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