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Found 20 results

  1. Just wanted to say hello and compliment on the awesome site! Modded my 1st Xbox back in 2006 and for the 1st time since then, I'm learning everything all over again! So many options - I love it!
  2. Hi From Norway!

    Hi! Just felt like getting into original Xbox modding and found this forum. And I just broke my first Xbox. Hopefully I will get better at soldering... Yoroshiku ne!
  3. Hello all! here is my Softmod Tutorial...! Originally made in 2006, uploaded to torrents, updated and reborn in 2018 as an OGXbox.com Exclusive! anywhore... its written in an easy to follow "noob-blog-style" just in case you are wondering why its so lame... UPDATING FILES FOR DOWNLOAD!! also additionally here are some essential xbox tools for modding/softmodding that are extremely hard to find these days due to most xbox scene sites and forums being dead. I have had them for over 12 years on a unused backup drive. UPDATING FILES FOR DOWNLOAD!! As always all files have been scanned for security threats by VirusTotal.com to rule out any contamination, with the exception of one false-positive in "Xplorer360 v0.9 Beta 6.zip". ** Keep in mind that these tools were made on and for xp/7 32bit windows, they may or may not work or work properly on 32 or 64 bit win 7/8/10, I recommend win xp/7 32bit virtual installation via VMware or virtualbox. Enjoy!
  4. I I am trying to delete Sid Meiers Pirates from my games folder. I have tried deleting it from FTP, it says Response: 550 CWD failed. "/F/Games/Sid Meier's Pirates!": directory not found. Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing. It still has an icon in XBMC. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello Folks, i just found this forum on google and I'm very happy, that the Xbox classic scene is still active! I recently dug out my xboxes and gathered a few new ones for modding purposes. I currently have 5 Xboxes, more to come All of them are modded, each in an individual style. Unfortunatly only one is case modded, that's something I plan for the other boxes too. Looking forward to have a good chat
  6. hello everyone! I am italian and i love original xbox. Hope found friend and content for my xbox
  7. I cloned the stock drive on my softmodded Xbox to a 500gb drive that was in my dead TSOP xbox using Chimp and locked it. The drive boots up just fine. I then use HeXEn disc to install Krayzie One Click softmod, and that was successful. I reboot into HeXEn, and I can see the F and G, but F looks empty in the file explorer (it says F has 35mb free, when it should be about 20GB free), and G says there is 0 space free. G doesn't even show up in UnleashX even though F and G are enabled. How can I get the contents of F and G to show up? I really dont want to have to reformat F and G/re-transfer everything if I can avoid it.
  8. Proud owner of Xbox Crystal 1.6 with ALLADIN XT+2 reports in.
  9. Hi From Indy.

    Many here will know who I am, just stopping in to say hello to a potentially new group of people. Also saying hello to some old friends.
  10. Name: wouter Location: netherlands I am a gaming enthousiast. I have a rack made from an old bed for evening fun with friends. On that rack I have 8 22" televisions with 8 xboxes to play games on a lan connection. I always try to get the best display quality possible, currently all is component. It is a lot of work to connect this. Currently making wii2hdmi connectors fit the all mighty xboxes, with succes. Will post a tutorial!
  11. Hi, From Brazil

    Hi, everyone. My OG Xbox was stored for a while, but I recently turned it on and played so much that I got another one, with a 2 TB hard disk. Now, I'm gonna try to fill the HD with as much cool stuff as possible.
  12. Hi. Totaly new to the ogXbox modding. Have one Duox2 chipped xbox. No casemods or anything fancy. Looking to buy another chipped xbox to do a casemod and something cool.
  13. Have just join the Xbox community after 10 years off. I have three Crystals, one stock, one soft modded and one with a possibly Xecuter 2.6 chip. I also have one black with a Xecuter 3 chip (not working). This is tricked out with the LCD display.
  14. Hi From Norway

    Hi there. Just a bloke from Norway here. Mid 30s and have had the original xbox since release. Have had several softmods, and still do. Love tinkering with them and do some mods. Just purchases my first chipped Xbox for learning purposes. Sent fra min NX551J via Tapatalk
  15. Hi From Down Under

    Hi all. Been into this hobby for about 2 weeks now. Already have Ninja Massive and 500 xbox games up and running. Loving it so far.
  16. I am new to these parts but not to Xbox. I have had modded Xbox consoles for years. Glad to find this community and I hope to contribute in my spare time. I'm currently running a version 1.0 TSOP. I've upgraded the HDD to a 700GB 7200RPM SATA HDD and added the IDE to SATA bridge with a 80 wire IDE cable. I don't remember what DVD Drive I originally had in this one but it has a newish Samsung Drive in it now, works great. The inside I left mostly untouched save for a bit of cleaning and new thermal paste (Arctic Silver). Anyways everyone, see you around!
  17. Hello From France

    Bonjour à tous, Je me présente, Champ71, Champ pour les intimes, 40 ans, français (et oui, null n'est parfait ) et passionné par cette magnifique console qu'est la Xbox Je viens de découvrir avec joie ce super forum (Mais pourquoi ne l'ai-je pas découvert plus tôt !!!) et bien que je sois très mauvais en anglais, je vais me faire une joie de le lire en long et en large Au plaisir de vous lire, Champ -------------------------------- Hello everyone, I present myself, Champ71, Champ for the intimate, 40 years old, French (and yes, null is perfect ) and passionate about this beautiful console that is the Xbox I just discovered this great forum with joy (But why did not I discover it sooner !!!) and although I'm very bad in English, I'm going to be happy to read it up and down Looking forward to reading you, Champ
  18. Hi, I'm Vik, new member from the uk, I've just recently gotten in to modding, not sure what use i will be to anyone until ive picked a few tips and skills up, but i will try my best to be of service! Hope to get to know the peeps of OGXBOX and become and hopefully ill become of use on here! happy new year to everyone! Vik
  19. i have a bunch of old videos on my xbox i want on my computer, but i don't know how to do it.. do i have to record it through a capture card or is it possible to take the hard-drive out and get the videos
  20. More curious than want to put into practice but after I load a game from disk onto the Xbox Hard Drive, it might be nice to create an ISO as a backup if the game disk fails. I was thinking some kind of program on a PC connected via the network to the Xbox.

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