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Found 96 results

  1. Bought: X-Chip

  2. Limited Edition Mountain Dew Xbox [1 of 5000] Never been opened or modded. 100% unmolested. Stickers still intact. Overall in great condition. Includes 1 power cable and one A/V Cable. Located in New Hampshire 🇺🇸. Asking: $229.99 + Shipping to the lower 48. Will ship to Canada and Europe just message me.
  3. Hello! Guys! Glad to be here. First, i Need to apologize in advance for my broken english. Now to business. Guys! i really to know if we have a guide to noobs, how to buy a good xbox, to change or upgrade hard drives and how to install it and what to install in to the system. My intention here is to compile and create a definitive guide (Step by Step) to mod the proper way with the greatests dashboards, tools, emulators and games. If someone knows where to find some of this tutoriais, please help me out, me and brazilians gamers will be greatful.
  4. By soundtracks I mean the ability to have games play the music using the custom soundtrack feature a lot of games have. I'm sure we all know how to put music on. I had this issue since I can't burn CDs. I figured there would be a way to FTP but, it isnt as simple as FTPing to the correct directory in the proper format. The information on how to do this is out there, but it did take a little while to get a working method. A lot of the programs don't work on windows 10 etc etc. Well this method using Xbox Soundtrack Editor 0.97 works great, and is easy/fast. So I just made a quick video on how to do it. Mainly just so it is easier for people to stumble across the existing information. Xbox Soundtrack Editor v0.97.zip
  5. It has been quite a while since I hacked an OG xbox (5 years). Although I still have the tools to do it, I was wondering if any new improved methods exist. Has anyone attempted to use an computer ATX power supply/create any unique non traditional case designs? Brian
  6. Xbox Orignal

    hi i new to this i want some nice new themes to get rid the old looking one any hjelp be great
  7. Xbox Copy To Image

    can there be made an image of an entire fatx harddisk? .with what program can it be done?. can a hd be copied with a docking station?
  8. Long time modder...glad I found this place!
  9. I took a 1.6 board I have laying around and decided to do a speed-mod. I paid no attention to quality of solder joints, length of wires, or anything else that a more experienced technician might look at. I did it as quickly and as shoddy as I could, so I could show results similar to what the average Joe may expect. I'm not trying to talk it down. THIS WORKS, and that is what matters and that's what this guide is for. 1. Insert the pinheader. Hold it with one finger against the board and flip it over. Solder 1 pin on the bottom side in place. Make sure your finger is not touching this pin on the other side. Let it cool, and then look to solder the opposite corner (diagonally). Don't let your finger touch that pin this time, and solder it in place. Now you can stop pressing on the opposite side with your finger, and just solder all of the rest of the pins in place. (A MUCH better way than using your finger, is to add a drop of super glue between the plastic holding the pins, and the board. Don't let it touch the metal or it will cook away in a very eye-irritating vapor.) 2. Now we're going to attach the wires to rebuild the lpc. On the top is the guide you should use. On the bottom is the demo job I did, and yours should look similar or better. You'll notice on the bottom picture, the LFrame/D0 wire is soldered to a pad you don't see anywhere else. The guide tells you to solder it to the chip, and the chip has a pad for it. That's not necessary. Just solder it to the pad I show you. That pad is ground, and grounding LFrame/D0 causes the Xbox to boot from LPC instead of the onboard rom. Doing this allows you to take the chip off at will for hotswapping/flashing other chips. (The dark colorations in the bottom pic are not burns. I use rosin-core solder. I usually clean it off to look nicer, but in this case I was trying to demonstrate a real-world normal job someone might do.) 3. Now it's time to get the Aladdin ready to go in. It has features built in for xbox live, which no longer exists for the original Xbox... so we need to defeat those features. Solder the BT pad on the Aladdin to the pad shown. This will enable the chip as soon as power is pressed. 4. Now you're ready to fit your chip and test it out. It mounts on the pinheader like this:
  10. Intec 5.1 Xbox Surround Sound

    anyone interested in this? This is the lesser quality xbox surround system that surfaced during the era intec 5.1 surround, front panel is treble, bass, master (above master is a light bar that follows the volume), balance(L-R), 2ch/5.1 selector In decent used shape and sounds good. http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=2079716 It's the same as this one. 7/10 condition after the 12 years of basement dwelling Trades: consoles, ram chips, controllers, arcade sticks, pata/sata adapters, video/component cables, modchip/accessories, and anything else xbox/arcade related. Send me pm with trade offer or cash offer. Thanks folks.
  11. Xbox Xecuter 3ce Blue X3cp Lcd

    xbox blue ghostcase blue x3 control panel xecuter 3ce 320gb harddrive coinops ninja massive 71 xbox games 2 controllers in perfect condition inc all kabels books dont now what to ask, i am from the netherlands. but shipping is possible after i searched what the costs are.
  12. Hi, I search since very long time an homebrew game named Mad Dog McCree. It was developped by "jago138" for "gueux forums" (french site). More informations here : Gueux and 1emulation Thanks for your help !
  13. here is a list of all (rare) MCPX ic I know off: MCP X-mode 2 MCP X2 (DVT3) MCPX X2 (found in DVT4 and Sega Chihiro) MCPX X3 MCPX X3P (not sure, but my latest notes state I found some info on this N64freak picture, repairing a Sega Chihiro (google this if you think "sega?") N64 Freak in this thread on Assemblergames has also did some amazing soldering things :https://assemblergames.com/threads/what-is-the-diference-between-the-mcpx-chips-big-images.41069/#post-952246 [EDIT} from N64freak I now understand the SMC might not need to be swapped, so you can ignore the rest of this post below. From various sources I know that if you would replace a X3 with a X2, you should swap the SMC ic to a matching set aswell (so just ordering X2 from china doesnt work?) I dont know if an MCP X2 is requireing its own SMC against X2. Those are even more rare, All retail have some kind of X3, but revisions where made. altho MS did a big fix and forced Nvidia to scap alott of mcpx, Nvidia disliked Microsoft verymuch after that. so MS couldnt that easely make newer Silicon designs after the 1.6 design.
  14. All Kernel Revisions

    Version 3.2500.1 CodeAsm REDACTED (Mail, pm or chat for more info) Tweeter twit CodeAsm_ 5-5-2015 [Incomplete version list Xbox, These are not the versions you are looking for.] [Some note removed or altered for internet storage savety. ] ???? XDK Alpha I SDK xxxxx ???? Alpha II Feb 2001, while mfc is 4/4/01 Mfc: 4/4/01 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ???? XDK May 2000 xxxxxxx 3113 3146.2 Leaked (REC?)ISO 1-11-2000 November XDK 3146.3 ALPHA December 2000 XDK 15-12-2000 December XDK (also 16-12) ISO is 11.2 MB (11,810,816 bytes)xxxxxx xxxxx note*) 3223.1 ISO is 13.3 MB (14,024,704 bytes)xxxxxx 3224 February 2001 XDK and SDK , REC own 3306 3308 3331.1 March 2001 XDK and SDK xxxxxxxRecovery (nice side way dash) (7-03-2001 April XDK) 3332.1 LeakLeak video 01, REC, old style dash 3424.1 April 2001 XDK and SDK (03.01.01 - New for April XDK release) 3507 3514 3521.1 <<< Microsoft Xbox XDK (1.0.3521.1) (2001-05) > May 2001 XDK and SDK symbols 3604 3618 3633.1 Alpha SDK SYM (June 01) 3722 3813 3821 3823.1 Oldest for DVT3 (fixing an DVT3 on xxxxxxxxx) Oldest acording to xxxxxx for DVT3 3845\ 3907 3911 August XDK 2001 (( Final Hardware Recovery) (build on WIN2000 5. 2134/2195 ? 5.1.2258.400) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt 2001 final x08-46850 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Retail? ------------------------------------------------------------------- 3925.1 Retail? XDK xxxxxx 3944 < 4000 4023 4024 4028 4033 4034.1 (internet source KERNEL MCPX is X3 httxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd=50 (dash may be higher...) 4039 < 4119 4120 4121 4125 4134.? < 4134.6 01/29/2002 December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release Histoxxxxx 4134.7 03/19/2002 December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release History '' 4224 < 4228 4229 4234 4235 4242 01/19/2002 February 2002 XDK 4242.2 03/15/2002 February 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes '' 4300 4344 4346 4348 4354 4361 02/28/2002 March 2002 XDK Accession SDK ownSDK (Accession) 4361.2 03/15/2002 March 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4400 (xxxxxx source ?) Barnabas XDK, SDK 4432 03/29/2002 April 2002 XDK 4504.1 2002 Live Beta (kernel and dash) internet source (MCPX-X2 code asswell) 4531 04/28/2002 May 2002 XDK 4604.1 2002 Live beta consolexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: N 4627.1 06/05/2002 June 2002 XDK June WAM SDK 4721 06/26/2002 Juli 2002 XDK 4817 Kernel only? source interwebs, MCPX is X3 htxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=50 4818 4831 07/31/2002 August 2002 XDK 4831.5 08/23/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.6 08/29/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.8 09/12/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.9 10/18/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928 08/28/2002 September 2002 XDK parts 4928.2 09/12/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928.3 10/03/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes parts 4928.4 10/18/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928.7 03/18/2003 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes recovery 5028 10/04/2002 October 2002 XDK 5028.3 10/18/2002 October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5028.4 03/18/2003 October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes iso? 5101 < Internet source 5120.1 10/31/2002 November 2002 XDK (parts andxxxxxxxx?) 5120.3 03/18/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5120.4 04/09/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5209 ARCDDASH, Segaboot (other libs are: 5028) 5233.1 12/12/2002 December 2002 XDK 5233.3 02/17/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5233.4 03/18/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5233.5 04/09/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.1 02/04/2003 February 2003 XDK 5344.2 02/17/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.3 03/18/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.4 04/09/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5455.1 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes XDK 5455.2 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5530 < Internet source 5558.1 05/30/2003 June 2003 XDK Recovery own 5558.2 06/20/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5558.4 10/03/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.1 07/30/2003 August 2003 XDK Recovery own, XDK also 5659.2 09/30/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.3 (could be that this is the recovery? 5659.4 10/03/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.5 11/20/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5713 < Internet source 5788.1 11/11/2003 November 2003 XDK XDK Setup 5838 (kernel) < Internet source. 5849.0 recoveries [xxxx] 5849.1 and SDK REC 5849.6 (remote)recoveries [xxxxxxxxe] 5933.1 and SDK Remote recoverie [lxxxxxxxxve] (I own a version aswell) 5960.01 DAS (internet source txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I got the 3146.3 iso from assemblergames, I noticed: A regular CDFS (not xbox) iso. DOS files (modded DOS 7.1 (win 98)) in the root A very NT-like boot sector. If you've seen those videos of early xbox alpha devkits, note the flash of 'Starting..' - that's io.sys. -------------------------------------------Xbox 360 ------------------------------------------------------- 2.0.nnnnn.n XX where xx is the newest board supported AlphaTower Xenon nov 2005 Zephyr may 2007 Falcon aug 2007 Opus july 2008 Jasper nov 2008 Jasper/Kronos mid 2009 Trinity/Velje may 2010 Corona aug 2011 SDK's: XDKSetupXenon6274.exe XDKSetupXenon8276.exe XDKSetupXenon11164.1 XDKSetupXenon11427 XDKSetupXenon11511 XDKSetupXenon11626 Recoveries: XDKRecoveryXenon111641Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11164Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11511Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11775Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon120871Internal.exe XDKRecoveryXenon20353.exe XDKRecoveryXenon20764.10.exe XDKRecoveryXenon21076.6.exe Non remote recoveries: 1888_Xenon_Recovery.iso 4929_Xenon_Recovery.iso 5426_Xenon_Recovery.iso 7776_Xenon_Recovery.iso 7978_Xenon_Recovery.iso 8276_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.0_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.5_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.9_Xenon_Recovery.iso //2 versions: 1st) 483.700.736 bytes, MD5: 7C3E4F6620F76E19095623735F8180F0 2nd) 301.434.880 bytes, MD5: BDDF51AB55DE08FD223564BB0D0C49A4. first is hacked up and bricks your shit. 6995.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11164.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11164.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11775.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso 20353_Xenon_Recovery.iso 20871.2_Xenon_Recovery.iso //and 20871.2_Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip XDK's: XDKSetupXenon6274.exe XDKSetupXenon6534.exe XDKSetupXenon7645.1 XDKSetupXenon8276.exe XDKSetupXenon11164.3.exe XDKSetupXenon20871.2.exe XDKSetupXenon21076.11.exe XDKSetupXenon21119.0.exe //? need to verify other fanciful files: xdk-xna-extensions.msi //add XNA extensions to XDK, leaked from dev site XDK Kernel Version Flash Version Comment (Most are XeDK, other just version numbers) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.0.0198.0 2.0.????.0 First XDK Launcher Alpha 1 2.0.0417.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.0418.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.0422.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.1232.0 2.0.????.0 Second XDK Launcher Alpha 2 2.0.1616.7 2.0.????.0 Seen on beta 007 kit. 2.0.1640.0 2.0.????.0 Seen on beta kit. 2.0.1746.1 2.0.????.0 Seen on a beta kit. First with keyvaults. 2.0.1800.0 2.0.????.0 ??? Nov 22, 2005 2.0.1810.5 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.1838.0 2.0.1838.0 XeDK 2.0.1838.1 BETA 2.0.1838.1 Beta Launcher 2.0.1839.2 2.0.????.0 XeDK release Dashboard 2.0.1861.0 2.0.1861.0 XeDK (First w/ XEX2) 2.0.1888.0 2.0.1888.0 XeDK 2.0.2099.9 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.2099.11 BETA 2.0.????.0 XeDK - Seen on a beta kit. 2.0.2135.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.2255.0 2.0.????.0 ??? Jan 30, 2006 2.0.2417.0 2.0.2241.0 XeDK 2.0.2638.0 2.0.2258.0 XeDK 2.0.2638.0 2.0.2419.0 XeDK 2.0.2920.0 2.0.2832.0 XeDK - Remote includes 1888, 2241, 2255, 2258 and 2832 2.0.3215.0 2.0.2853.0 XeDK 2.0.3424.0 2.0.2858.0 XeDK 2.0.4314.0 2.0.4308.0 XeDK 2.0.4548.0 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.4802.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.4929.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK 2.0.5426.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK - Last recovery KK exploit works 2.0.5632.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK - Remote includes 4548 and 5632 2.0.5787.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK - ISO image in game format 2.0.6132.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK 2.0.6274.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK 2.0.6534.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK - Remote includes 5787 (no 5759 ?) 2.0.6534.4 2.0.6683.0 XeDK 2.0.6707.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.6995.0 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.6995.1 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.7645.0 2.0.6690.0 XeDK - Remote includes 6690 2.0.7645.1 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.7776.0 2.0.6719.0 XeDK 2.0.7776.1 2.0.6719.0 XeDK 2.0.7978.0 2.0.7342.0 XeDK - First on NXE 2.0.7978.3 2.0.7359.0 XeDK 2.0.8276.0 2.0.7366.0 XeDK 2.0.8953.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.8955.0 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.8955.1 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.9177.0 2.0.9177.0 XeDK - Seen on beta XDK S, has a dumb flash number 2.0.9328.0 2.0.8464.0 XeDK - Remote includes 8464 and 7366 2.0.9328.5 2.0.8498.0 XeDK 2.0.9328.8 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.9328.9 2.0.8955.0 XeDK - DO NOT RUN THE LEAKED ISO RECOVERY it was edited by TheFallen93 (afaik) and others to brick kits. You can find the real 9328.9 iso around though with filesize 301,434,880 bytes 2.0.11164.0 2.0.9189.0 XeDK 2.0.11164.1 2.0.9189.0 XeDK 2.0.11511.0 2.0.11025.0 XeDK 2.0.11626.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11626.1 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11763.0 2.0.12334.0 Rare Prototype Kinect Dashboard 2.0.11775.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11775.3 2.0.12387.0 XeDK - ISO leaked from chinese forums, remote includes 12387 and 9199 2.0.11776.3 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12087.1 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12293.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12387.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.15574.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? (ebay source) 2.0.16756.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? 2.0.17150.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? Dec 11, 2014 (wiki) 2.0.20353.0 2.0.12611.0 XeDK - Remote leaked from MS server 2.0.20353.2 2.0.12625.0 XeDK 2.0.20500.1 2.0.13139.0 XeDK 2.0.20764.10 2.0.13146.0 XeDK 2.0.21076.6 2.0.14699.0 XeDK 2.0.21119.0 2.0.14719.0 XeDK 2.0.21119.10 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.21173.8 2.0.15574.0 XeDK 2.0.21173.8 2.0.16154.0 XeDK 2.0.21250.2 2.0.16197.0 XeDK 2.0.21250.7 2.0.16202.0 XeDK RANDOM NOTES: 9328.9_Xenon_Recovery.iso //2 versions: 1st) 483.700.736 bytes, MD5: 7C3E4F6620F76E19095623735F8180F0 2nd) 301.434.880 bytes, MD5: BDDF51AB55DE08FD223564BB0D0C49A4. first is hacked up and bricks your shit. other fanciful files: xdk-xna-extensions.msi //adds XNA extensions to XDK, leaked from XDS how to remove digital signatures and help protect the guilty EXES (XDKSetupXenonxxxx.exe, XDKRecoveryXenonxxxx.exe) open EXE in hex editor and search for (in hex) A21E801C if more than one thing appears search for 5A30583033060A2B06010401823702010F3025030100A020A21E801C once you find that, either delete or null everything that comes after the 1C funny, this can also be used in reverse to identify the leakers, or tell if you have originals nvm this part: Xenon_Recovery, Xenon_Recovery.iso, _Xenon_Recovery, _Xenon_Recovery.iso, xxxx_Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, _Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, XDKSetupXenon, XDKSetupXenon.exe, XDKRecoveryXenon, XDKRecoveryXenon.exe, 11164.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso , 11164.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso, XDKRecoveryXenon20353.exe, 20353_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 1888_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 5426_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 4929_Xenon_Recovery.iso https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/XDKSetupXenon9328.9.exe https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/XDKSetupXenon11164.1.exe https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/snorkel.exe ----------------------------------- Xbox one ------------------------------------------------------------- Giano (21 December 2010, kernel only) Durango ----------------------- ----------------------- Wordlist ----------------------- ---------------------- XDK Xbox Devolepment kit (xbox part) SDK Software Devolepment kit (PC) REC Recovery SYM Symbols KER Kernel DAS Dashboard FIL File (a loose file has been identified with this version LIB Library (part of xbe or software kit in wich diferences version.) DOC A documentation notion of official source NOT A unofficial notion of this version, still reverencing an MS source INC Incorrect number, probebly homebrew
  15. Here is how to unlock an Xbox hard drive with a program called Hdat2. Software link: https://www.hdat2.com/ Software is in attachment also. It is a Boot able iso. Instructions: I've done a YouTube video showing how to unlock an Xbox hard disk with HDAT2 link here for the program http://www.hdat2.com/This is a WIP, there may be some errors I will try to update the videos and instructions over time 6th April edited YouTube video9th May 2017 v60b4, new YouTube Video and updated instructionsSet up your PC with the Xbox hard disk as Master and the DVD drive as Slave.Set the BIOS to boot from DVD/CD first.When the program loads, be patient it takes a little while Type "HDAT2" at the command prompt.Select the hard disk by using the cursor keys and pressing enter.Scroll down to "Security" press enter.Scroll down to "Unlock device" press enter.Then press "I" to change from User to Master.Pressing "K" will scroll through a list of built in passwords, if you're lucky it'll be one in the list.Xboxes are usually "XBOXSCENE" or "TEAMASSEMBLY" which are near the end of the built in password list.Press "S" to set and then "Y" to confirm.NOTE: You will only get 5 attempts, and then you will have to re-boot, and start again You can also enter a password manually by pressing "P"Passwords can be entered in User mode, but you don't get the "K" option for the built in password list.If you have "zeroed" your hard drive password then 30 HEX is DECIMAL 0.Hopefully the video will show what I mean https://youtu.be/ZnvqxgTJsfoHDAT2 also has other useful hard drive tools to repair bad sectors, erase etc...Have a look at some of the other YouTube videos by other users Video Below: hdat2cd_60b5.iso
  16. Hey all! I recently completed and posted on a few Facebook groups a little project which I recently finished and one of your members recommend me come here and share it with you all, so here goes! The whole thing started when I decided I wanted to build a PC into an Xbox. I've done a little bit of modding here and there in the past, but nothing to this extent. Sadly I didn't make a build log as I went along, but here is the finished product for you to enjoy! The spec: Intel i5-7400 Processor running at 3.0 GHz Zotac 4GB 1050 Ti Graphics Card 16GB DDR4 Crucial Memory running at 2400 MHz MSi H110i PRO LGA1151 Mini-ITX Motherboard 250GB Samsung NVMe SSD 2TB Seagate Barracude Storage HDD 300w Game Max Power Supply It's got a custom water cooled loop in there too, and boots to Windows desktop in 13 seconds! Enjoy! shoe.
  17. Hello, I've got an xbox to which I've performed the trace corrosion repair on the past, as the buttons did not shut down the console properly (it only turned on after i applied power to the unit). I've ran it just with the power button working, until now, when I decided to go ahead and try to fix both buttons. But now it went bad or something, because no matter how hard I jump wires to traces A, B and D (C is fine on my board, and I can't find E) as shown on this thread, the console simply refuses to turn on anymore.the wires are just fine and they give me continuity when soldered, but that's that. I know for sure that the power supply is perfectly fine (it never really failed). Even with only traces A and B soldered properly I can't get the console to boot anymore, and the right hand side of C7P8 has continunity to the solder pad in trace D (just saying because i'm not sure if this is how it should be, I hope nothing shorted ). Is there any other way to wire the power to the board so it'll work again? It would be really bad to have to throw it away over something like this.... I really hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello XBox OgX

    Hello Xbox Modders, I was a heavy Xbox Customizer back in the day. dealt with just about every scenario, eject button, power button hacks re aligning the dvd drive lasers, hard drive installs, also did painting of the boxes. happy to help if I can!
  19. Looking for a Game

    anywhere to find xiso for azurik? I had one & its an iso image but was backed up improperly, it just shows up as a video of xbox game disc. please msg me if you have this might have something you need do a file swap
  20. More curious than want to put into practice but after I load a game from disk onto the Xbox Hard Drive, it might be nice to create an ISO as a backup if the game disk fails. I was thinking some kind of program on a PC connected via the network to the Xbox.
  21. External XBox Hdmi Mod!

    So finally got the case for the HDMI cable finished! The cable itself does work good and is finally in the last steps off testing. Decided to add the OGX logo to the case to make it look even better. So a little more detail about the hardware now! It is basically a Component to HDMI converter that does reencode the Component signal to a HDMI signal. The Xbox will recognize the cable as a component cable and it is plug and play without the need for an extra psu or anything. The HDMI signal does provide stereo audio and there is an optical out on the pcb for digital audio. Can print the case in different colors once the cables are for sale! Before a lot off people ask about them now they will be for sale in around 4 weeks and i will post the add here in the Forums. Will offer them as finished cable and as an internal install kit without the cable and avip plug for those who want to do an internal install on there Xbox. So keep checking the forums not just facebook And without further talking that's how the final product looks like:
  22. XBox Won't Turn On, Please Help

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an Xbox and on the first day I turned it on and it booted up fine. Days later I am now trying to turn it on again and nothing. No lights, no sounds. I have another Xbox and the cable works fine. What do I need to do to fix this issue!
  23. XBox Live Orange Controller

    Another ridiculously priced piece of greatness is up for sale. Hopefully it's not someone from here. Original Xbox Employee Exclusive Xbox Live Launch Orange Controller https://www.ebay.com/i/253203888811 Sent from Outer Space
  24. Slim XBox Original Laptop Build

    Updated 4/25/17 Slim Xbox Original Laptop Build Photos are attached below. Hey everyone this is a log for my very own Ultra 5cm Slim Xbox Original Laptop Build. The goal for this build is to keep the Xbox originals originality by using the Xbox original case and to slim it down into an Xbox original laptop with wicked accessories. The Xbox will be cut down to just above the controller ports. The sides of the lid and the back corners of the lid will be cut off, sanded and reattached to the bottom of the case. The Xbox will then have a removable top plastic flat cover and or palm rest added to the case to replace the original lid. The original lid will no longer have sides or back corners on it, the lid will be cut to fit a Laptop LCD screen which will be powered on through the Xbox's Molex cable by using a shortened Y splitter cable. This cable will turn the Xbox's hard drive on and the Xbox's LCD screen on. The Molex cable Y splitter, splits the Amps the new Xbox pico psu outputs while the voltage remains the same. The LCD screen will either be a 15.6 inch laptop screen or a slightly smaller screen around 14 inches and will have a frame on the front of it and a cover on the back of the lcd. Two Xbox jewels will be used at the moment on this Laptop build. One jewel will be used and attached either in the center and or bottom right of the Xbox's LCD screen back cover. Another jewel will be cut into a rectangle around the Xbox logo and will be flipped over to the Xbox indentation logo side and displayed on the front of the console. There will be two to three models of the Xbox Ultra Slim Laptop at the moment, one will include two wireless controller inbuilt and will be the first model, and will be build into the Xbox Original case. The second model and third model details are yet to be released. Accessories included The accessories which are included are: The Xbox disc drive, modified into an external sata drive which can be plugged into an Xbox when its off and used easily for ripping games and playing disc games. The Xbox has to be turned off while plugging the drive into the new sata ports on the side of the Xbox and turned off while unplugging the drive. An Xbox original wireless handheld portable home device with a controller inbuilt into it. This is similar to a wii u like controller. The idea is to be able to walk around the house and be able to play Xbox as you go. These will be available for sale and the transmitter and receivers have already been tested and do transmit the video signal to screens away from the Xbox. The Xbox original will be powered by a 12volt DC 250watt pico psu, the psu is capable of outputting 20 - 20.83 amps. Whats inside the Xbox The Motherboard. The controller ports, LED modified. The 12 volt DC 250w Pico psu. A heat sink with an 80mm fan to cover the CPU A laptop IDE to sata adapter connected to the hard drive, the laptop hard drive will be positioned over the av and lan ports at the back of the console, between the ide slot and the gpu heatsink. A modified 80 wire ide cable will be used to keep the build tidy. Two Xcm wireless controller transmitters, which can be turned on and off by the use of switches on each transmitter. There will be four controllers used for this and only two can work at one time. Two controllers will be made into Wireless Xbox Portable Devices. Xbox will still be fully capable of handling wired and other plug in wireless controllers by turning off the transmitters inside the Ultra slim Xbox by the use of switches on the right hand side of the Xbox's. The Xbox will have the capacitors replaced to increase the amount of size available inside of the Xbox, by installing aluminium electrolytic capacitors which are smaller. The Xbox will contain one battery. A LCD driver board to connect the LCD to the Xbox's video signal. Two speakers connected to the driver board, receiving the audio signal from the Xbox's motherboard. An 80 wire ide cable. A Molex Y Splitter cable. A wireless xbox original internet receiver. An Ide to sata adapter on the left hand side of the Xbox positioned next to the ide port for the Xboxs external disc drive and other external accessories. LED Strips A custom assembled ATX cable. A 5volt sb to 3.3 volt standby converter made by me A 5volt sb to 3.3 volt standby converter final made by and purchased from N64 Freak. A 1tb - 2tb laptop drive. In total 2x 1tb - 2tb laptop hard drives drives, In the bigger laptop model, through the use of a hard drive selector and possibly modified original disc drive. Switches to allow for the turning on and off of the wireless Xbox controller transmitters and for the swi An additional fan port GPU heatsink Additional fans Power button Eject button Plastic to isolate the laptop hard drive and ide to sata adapter from the motherboard. Four Xbox Screws for the controller ports Six Screws to replace the Xbox original case mount screws. To hold the top casing with the bottom casing. HDMI Composite converter board, purchased from N64 Freak. Slide in DVD drive, possibly in this model or another model, although will only play burnt games and dvds and not Xbox Original games at this stage. Eight 1500uf 6.3 volt capacitors to replace the original 1500uf capacitors and the 3300uf 6.3 volt capacitors. At this stage possibly a new soldered on board ATX right angle plug for the Xbox original. At this stage possibly a new soldered on board ATX right angle plug for the Pico Power Supply. Xbox hard drive isolation and Xbox hard drive ide to sata adapter isolation. Xbox power supply isolation. Xbox heatsink isolation support. 15.6 inch or 14inch laptop screen with matching driver board. Additional 64mbs of ram, to make the Xbox have a complete 128mbs of ram. Xbox duo x chip or aladdin chip. Multiple USB ports, to allow for mouse and for inbuilt directly wired keyboard functionality for use on the Xbox Originals XBMC dashboard and on the Xbox original avaliable operating systems, including at the moment Linu , Windows 98, and Windows CE. The Xbox External Disc Drive Power button will be cut off from the eject board/power on board and wired directly back to the eject board while the eject board is mounted else where in the case. The IDE port will have an IDE to sata connector directly wired to it for the external disc drives port to best fit in the Xbox Ultra Slim Laptop, while a single double ide cable will be used to go from the ide port directly to the laptop hard drive. The disc drive will be made an external accessory by using its own IDE female to sata adapter plugged which will be plugged into the back of disc drive and use a sata cable to connect to the sata ports on the side of the Xbox Ultra Slim Laptop. An Xbox dvd drive power cable extension and port will be added as follows, Male to Female connector, which then goes from the Female connector to the Xbox left hand side mounted Male connector. The male connector which will be added to the side will allow for the power, eject in, eject out, to be connected to the drive. To avoid the Xbox throwing an Error from the drive not being connected in general, the Xbox will be chipped or tsop flashed. If the sata doesn't work due to the Xbox originals DVD drive adapter not having a slave pinner, an ide cable will be used instead. The Wireless Controller Device The Wireless controller device will include a video transmitter connected into the Xbox originals av port which will be powered by the Xbox's power new pico power supply or battery power included within the Ultra Slim Xbox Original Laptop Build. The transmitter is capable of transmitting the Xbox's video signal to another LCD screen when the video receiver is plugged into the composite av video port if that LCD screen. The video receiver will be powered by battery and will be connected to an LCD screen. The LCD screen will have a wireless controller build around the screen, inside of a custom case, which will likely be build out of an Xbox original case, to keep the Xbox's original case style. The back of the device will have an Xbox Original Jewel mounted. The wireless controllers being used are XXX XCM Wireless controllers these controllers are power by battery. The power required to use the controllers, an LCD screen, blue tooth speakers and the video receiver will be combined within the handheld device and the batteries will be rechargeable. The Project Log 1 Here's the ultra slim laptop at the moment. I have cut the power and eject button in half and will jump the power to the eject board. The eject button will be mounted on the front of the Xbox. The power button will stay in its originally place. The eject half circle hole where the eject button used to go will be fitted with leds for an on light and standby light. The original led lights for the Xbox errors will be present still. The power supply is a 12volt, 250 watt power supply, that will be turned on by battery. The power supply is almost set up at this time, although the wiring is not yet finished at this time. The Xbox is working at this stage with the new installed capacitors.
  25. i have a bunch of old videos on my xbox i want on my computer, but i don't know how to do it.. do i have to record it through a capture card or is it possible to take the hard-drive out and get the videos

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