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  1. Console/Game Collections.

    Plus what i have sittin in my closet
  2. Hey guys, id like to see your collections! What you have or what you plan on getting. think itd be nice to see what you guys have laying around. Whats the story on it? Where you got it etc... (Game consoles, Games, or hardware from any manufacturer, Genre or era) no PC stuff please unless it is a dev kit of some kind. Post away!! Anyone have a "Panasonic Q" or "Game Q" I think that may be the first console i buy to start my real collection. And heres what i currently have laying around. with more coming in the future.
  3. XBox Won't Turn On, Please Help

    Could be trace rot. Have you taken it apart and removed the clock cap and inspected for corrosion?
  4. Hard Drive Indicator Led Video Install

    awesome! thanks man. will have to practice for sure. Great video BTW!
  5. Internal Wireless (Wifi) Adapter

    i wouldn't say it would be impossible, but it'd be difficult. it would render the Original port useless unless you used an inline relay which was more work than i wanted to do. and this way i can use the original Ethernet port and also plug my adapter into my router if i need to in the future. without pulling everything apart
  6. Internal Wireless (Wifi) Adapter

    There aren't any firmware updates/hacks that i know of, My network was already setup for to WPA2/TKIP when i bought my router/modem. I'm sure there are other adapters that support the newer security encryption, Though i don't know any off the top of my head.
  7. Internal Wireless (Wifi) Adapter

    Not likely, The 360 wireless adapter requires drivers that the 360 has built into its operating System.
  8. Misc Parts for Sale

    Sale is Pending.
  9. Misc Parts for Sale

    Have a 1.6 Motherboard with matching Hard drive. (has a 1.0/1.1 GPU heatsink on it) 1.6 Delta PSU OEM Fan also have controller ports from the same motherboard (Not Pictured) Can add leds to them for a few extra $$ Im not 100% sure what everything is worth so make me a reasonable offer. US Shipping only and PayPal only please. Might have a few other extra parts laying around. Just ask and ill let you know.
  10. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    These are Mad! Great work man.
  11. Hey!

    Welcome! You should also checkout the group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/ogxbox/
  12. Hard Drive Indicator Led Video Install

    How did you manage to paint the numbers above the controller ports? Thats something id like to do but last time i tried to, it didnt turn out so good.
  13. Clear/Painted Jewel

    Thanks man! Once my leds show up, the window and controller ports will be lit up Red. Ive tried goof off and it got the paint off fast but turned the jewel foggy. I didn't want to risk this one.
  14. Clear/Painted Jewel

    This is a brief guide on how to change your jewel color. There are a few different ways to do this. There is NO quick and easy way to do ot that doesn't risk damaging your jewel. What you need Brasso or similar metal polish. A rag or polishing cloth some type of candle if you want to paint it then paint, color of your choice. and a whole lot of time/ Elbow Grease. First You'll have to take your jewel off your console, Not gonna explain this because there are several different methods that you can find elsewhere. Once you have your jewel off you'll need to clean the Black goop off. I forgot to get pictures of this part, But all i do is rub it with a clean dry cloth with my thumb till its all gone. Then you'll need to rub some candle wax into the letters of the jewel so you don't remove the chrome paint.. After that's done you'll need to get to work with the brasso. Its very time consuming (Took me about 2 or 3 hours working on and off) Just keep rubbing (Think of dory) lol Keep going!! I didn't get a picture of it once it was all clear, But you get the idea, Right? After you get all the green off you want to run the jewel under some Hot water to remove the wax, (I used some dish soap and a SOFT brush to help work it out faster.) After its dry you can keep it clear or add some paint of your chosen color. once its dried you can glue it back onto your console and Enjoy all your hard work..
  15. Internal Wireless (Wifi) Adapter

    You need to sign into your Router and go to "connected devices" then find your adapter by its Mac Address. once you find it, click on it and write down its ip address. The you type its IP address into your address(Search) bar and you should be able to set it up there.

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