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  1. Xbox With Code 21

    was a version 1.6 that i picked up for 10$
  2. Xbox With Code 21

    Yes I burned a coppy of hexen 2017 and just reinstalled a dashboard for original Xbox and it fixed that
  3. Xbox With Code 21

    i have a used xbox that i bought just recently paid 10 dollars was softmodded with soft mod deluxe v3 and have a code 21 the sticker that says the year has been wiped clean and i cant make out anything on it if anyone can help i would appreciate it is their any way to put it back to original the xbox and the softmod it then tsop flash it back to the original xbox software
  4. Og Xbox Soft Mod Issue

    hi i just bought a xbox that was soft modded with soft mod delux v3 and im trying to open up in original xbox dash board but theirs nothing their givers me a code 21 can any one help me i dont know where to start with this
  5. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    hi i ave a xbox i bought and it was soft modded with softmod v3 and it wont boot into the original xbox screen what would i do to get to work is their a way to reinstall the original bios but i dont have that info can anyone help me
  6. hi all my name is tony and would like to say hi everyone

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