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  1. [rel] Gta San Super Modded V2 for XBox

    For the reboot of xbox when your run gta sa, the problem is version of default is NTSC and the xbox is PAL. Here the fix https://www.mediafire.com/file/90pq3ram3vm7oha/GTA_San_Andreas_FIX_Pal.rar/file there is two version of default.xbe inside the archive one output 480i (work ONLY with composite cable), and the other output 480p (work ONLY with component cable). Then if you want to use custom draw distace, first your need to patch the fixed default.xbe to use extra ram and new CPU, then use the modded stream.ini for draw distance i edit three timecyc.dat; x4,x7,x10. https://www.mediafire.com/file/j54h5df4c32uhxu/Draw_Distance.rar/file I hope this will help. your welcome man!!! stream.ini
  2. [rel] Gta San Super Modded V2 for XBox

    Yes, you're right, with upgraded xbox; the game will use 64 MB of extra RAM and the higher processor will give more and stable FPS. Gta sa uses only 13 MB of streaming memory (loading textures and buildings dffs), the rest being used to load vehicles, animations, peds. so imagine what a xbox of 128mb ram that can do.
  3. [rel] Gta San Super Modded V2 for XBox

    big THX for your support!!!! what improvements do you mean about gta sa ??? You welcome:!!!!
  4. hey ogxbox community. i have finished the gta modded for xbox original. Now its Beta realese. (Tested in my PAL stock xbox). for information,screenshots,download,and more. Visit this siteweb: https://gtaforums.com/topic/922852-gta-san-andreas-super-modded-for-xbox-original/ List complete of change: And what is new, I create a blogspot for gta sa mods specialy to xbox. So you can find cars mods, weapons,maps and hud, tutorial how to modify the gta sa xbox without using img tool. Feel free to use those mods. please take a look at this site: https://gtasamods4xbox.blogspot.com/ finnally, if you find some slowdown in fps, or glitch, or bug. Please let me know. Thanks...
  5. Hello From France

    bienvenue @banzailoic dans ce nouveau site..
  6. Gta San Andreas Car Mods

  7. Gta San Andreas Car Mods

    thanks for your support...
  8. Gta San Andreas Car Mods

    Hey guys, here the Alpha test of the mod. Some cars have small wheel because i didn't edit the two files vehicle.ide and handling.cfg. Downloads: https://mega.nz/#F!HA5QFaQC!fsBTmUDhPHKy6vyPAYAO9Aurl Current Progress: -Edited effect.fxd : -Fast and small effect particles. -All laggy effect fixed. -More FPS. -Replaced grass with lq grass.(you can run in grass without losing FPS. ) TO DO LIST: -Replace rest of vehicules. -Replace textures of building with better ones.
  9. Gta San Andreas Car Mods

    Current progress:: -Replaced most cars of game. But boats,motorbike,planes.. are still original. -Replaced default hud icons with yoyo2 gtav hq icons. -Replaced default radar with gtav radar. -Replaced all roads textures. -Replaced default light with led xenon light in particle.txd. -Fix the alpha channel in vegetation texture. Now it looks better. -Replaced default red marker with animated red marker. TO DO LIST: -Replace rest of vehicules. -Replace textures of building with better ones. -Replace menu pictures. screenshots:: https://imgur.com/a/aPebBJy thanks.
  10. Gta San Andreas Car Mods

    De Rien
  11. Gta San Andreas Car Mods

    Replace more cars. for now there is not any glitch or slowdown of framerate. screenshots:: https://imgur.com/a/WAYFgZk TO DO LIST : -Replace all vehicule in gta san andreas (xbox). -Replace the texture of roads. -Replace textures of building with better ones. -Replace defaults radar. -Replace HUD icons. -Replace menu pictures..
  12. Gta San Andreas Car Mods

    Finally. after a lot of months, I was able to replace some cars in gta san andreas the Xbox version to work properly. these cars are low quality but realistic.. the dff and txd are under 1mb. some cars are made by me. here are the screenshots in the game. https://imgur.com/a/oXTMj0U more coming soon....

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