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  1. My Current Stuff for Sale

    @John7272 I've got a couple small pcbs that implements the shematic bennydiamond posted. It's a transistor amplifier that amplifies the 1,5v H and V-Sync signals to 5v levels. The VGA mod does work fine on some screens and doesn't work on others. If you have a Sync-On-Green screen you do have the highest chance to get a good result.
  2. My Current Stuff for Sale

    @John7272 Just download this patcher and patch the retail Xbox games: https://mega.nz/#!51sUSShR!G9IitPlPz8M1LE6NYHDexaIehUyHpSZv4F3v9pXwp_A
  3. My Current Stuff for Sale

    @Dogfishddl Yes i do. I'll drop you a PM in a minute!
  4. Adding an Internal Hdmi Connector (The Messy Way)

    @plumbumber It shouldn't be a problem at all as we are both in Europe. Shipping from Germany would be as cheap as 3,70€! Just as a hint
  5. My Current Stuff for Sale

    @Psychosurfer I‘m located in Germany. But shipping isn‘t too expensive.
  6. XBox Internal Hdmi Install

    My internal install does not have the issues on rev1.4 consoles as the pound one has. They are built up with properly and work. Of course the earlier ones were partly a little buggier but the design got improved with every itertion. I bought a pound hdmi cable to compare it to my cable but on the same console as my cable the pound cable blacked out around every second. So i had more black screen time than actual video and to be honest that was enough test result for me to keep improving my design. I sold a few sets off DIY install kits but it looks like most people couldn't get them installed properly so no open sale for DIY install kits. I just want to save me from the hastle off guiding a lot off people through the process. It is NOT a simple diy install like a chip install. You need to have proper soldering skills or at least you should be quite confident in what you do! Just knowing which side off the soldering iron get hot is NOT enough knowledge! And there won't be any more off either the internal or external HDMI mods in the next couple weeks as i won't have the time to build up more. So people who want one need to be patient for a bit. Still testing the existing consoles so even the last bugs that arrise can be ironed out first and well as i already mentioned i won't have time to build more anyway! And of course i'm still thinking about if i even sell them as kits as it might frustrate a few buyers that they can't get it installed. And it will cost me a LOT off time just to troubleshoot those installs. And i really don't want to go through that hastle as it will reduce my free time even more!
  7. XBox Hdmi Cable

    @moses_373 No it does not have any compatibility issues with a rev.1.4 console like the Pound cable has. But i'm not offering the external version anymore. I just don't have any time to build them currently. Will possibly offer a few more in the future but i just don't have the time to do so right now.
  8. XBox Internal Hdmi Install

    @306XBOX I will never get them mass produced. It's just a hobby for me and i'll build a few as long as i'm interested in doing it. Once i loose interest they will be gone and there won't be more @Blobby85 If you want one drop me a PM. The test consoles work great and i will offer them soon. If someone already wants one drop me a PM. BUT they aren't the easiest install but it's doable. But to be honest if someone botches up the install because he underestimated the install i won't ship out a second one... I don't have any external cables right now and i'm not too keen to keep too many projects alive at once. Currently i focus on the internal install.
  9. XBox Internal Hdmi Install

    @Rocky5 I'll send you a PM in a minute
  10. XBox Internal Hdmi Install

    @ironsniper1 Yes, they will be avaylable for sale in a while. For now i just want to have a few out there to be tested be others. When all the feedback is positive i will offer them installed to upgraded motherboards or as a diy kit to install yourself. But for now they aren't avaylable in masses. Just the few i still have as prototypes. If there is interest in testing them preferably from people within europe i still have 3 i can offer right now.
  11. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    @photogrobsd No i never made a version for the Rev1.6 only the revisions 1.0-1.1 and 1.2-1.5. I do have a few here for the older revisions and i'm waiting for the next order off pcbs so i have a few more spare. If anyone wants one just drop me a PM guys! Not checking the thread here too often!
  12. XBox Hdmi Cable

    @Mindaugas Petronis Here's a post about the internal version: I'll add them here once i offer the kits for sale. Probably in a couple weeks. But the price will be the same as the external version. This one is not a "cheaper" version. It's even more complex than the external one.
  13. XBox Internal Hdmi Install

    Yes it does work perfectly and took quite some time to develop! For now i only have 3 finally installed boards and will possibly offer them later on. But for now there's no internal kit offered. No i haven't planned a version that can be installed to that position while still beeing able to keep th original video port. As you would have to hard link the component mode and that deactivates the Composite video output so the sense would be gone ayway!
  14. XBox Internal Hdmi Install

    Currently don't have any extras as i only built a few so i only got the assembled consoles for sale right now. Posted it together with some other stuff over here:
  15. Got a couple things for sale here. Just drop me a quick PM if you are interested in anything. Will ship internationally! 1. Xbox motherboard 1ghz CPU and 128mb Ram: 100€ 2. Original Xbox Jewels (30 avaylable): 2€ each or just drop me an offer if you want multiple (They partly have scuffs and scratches and might need to be polished a bit) 3. Xbox rev1.6 with HDMI mod installed. Duo-X2 chip, 80GB HDD, Samsung DVD and boots to XBMC: 100€ (The Xbox with the installed HDMI mod is the one seen on the photos. Well except the internal photos are from the rev1.4 )

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