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  1. XBox Alpha Development Kit Build Log

    @Randyslim76 @InvasionSurvivor I personally haven't tested a CC820 motherboard. But i've bern told they work fine ane the kernel shouldn't care if it has rd-ram or sd-ram as long as it is attached at the same logical adress.
  2. XBox Alpha Development Kit Build Log

    I do sell the soundcards to anyone who wants one. But i only sell them completely assembled and tested! I won't sell bare pcbs or DIY solder sets and i also won't release the design files for them. The only thing that's missing for a 100% replica is the metal mounting bracket. But you can easily mod one to fit from an old PCI card. Or get one produced for this special purpose. The price for each soundcard is 40€ +shipping if anyone is interested in purchasing one.
  3. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    @Paul Tankard Yes i do still have a few that i can sell. I'll send you a quick PM in a minute!
  4. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    Hi @Boris Vysotsky, if you want a couple off those adapters or the bare boards just drop me a PM. The Shematic for them is in the first post so you can easily create your own Layout.
  5. XBox Alpha Development Kit Build Log

    No, i don't have those documents or any further documentation to the Intel VC820 motherboard.
  6. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    @daniel Yes it gets the job done. BUT have you ever heard of something called bad engineering? Diodes aren't the way to reduce the voltage. Yes the do drop the voltage about the same amount you would need but they don't allways have a guaranteed voltage drop and can differ form one to another diode. If you already build this up why not do it the correct way? @All if you build up such an adapter please don't go the cheapo route and use diodes. This simply is not a good way to do it even if it works. @Michael McBride Yes this adapter can be used in combination with a PicoPSU or any other ATX PSU. But one thing about the Pico PSUs. and other psus. Check how many amps the PSU can supply. The PicoPsus are a bit weak on the 5v rail for the xbox! Other than that plug in the adpter and an ATX psu and it works just like the retail psu.
  7. XBox Hdmi Cable

    @KaosEngineer Yes, it does transmit Stereo through the HDMI Port. So you can simply connect the Xbox to your TV with just an HDMI cable. Ifyou want Digital audio just mute the TV and connect your Audio receiver.
  8. XBox Hdmi Cable

    @TheStiz It does output DD through the optical (toslink) output. Exactly like the official HD-av pack
  9. XBox Hdmi Cable

    Just like @KaosEngineer said. The Xbox decides about the resolution it outputs. You can force some games using a force 480p bios. But in general only the games that are made for HD will be displayed in that resolution. The cable doesn't upscale and outputs the same resolution the xbox throws at it! The Maximum you can get from an Xbox classic are 1080i and i personally prefer the 720p but that's my personal preference!
  10. XBox Hdmi Cable

    @Crazyembereks Yes, just drop me a PM and we can talk about it. To buy something from me just drop me a PM that#s the fastest way The Cable does support 1080p BUT the xbox doesn't! So no the xbox can only output 480p, 720p and 1080i. If you want the internal version just drop me a PM and you can get one off course. Just needs a little modification to the backside off the case and a bit off soldering and you can install it internally. The internal kit is cheaper of course as i don't need to solder up the wires and the Xbox plug! Will post a tutorial about it in the future but that will take a little more time till i find some time to do that so don't hold your breath for it!
  11. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    @Crazyembereks If you want one just PM me! They are for sale just haven't posted them in my for sale section. You just need to let me know which revision xbox you got! This Adapter and the Xbox in general isn't too picky about the ATX PSU as the xbox doesn't draw more power than any pc. Any ATX PSU even the smaller ones for office PCs should be sufficient. The minimum specs are: (Taken from a 240v V1.4 Foxlink PSU) 96Watt power output +5V with a rating off 13.2A +12V with a rating off 1.2A +3.3V with a rating off 4.8A +3.3VSB with a rating off 0.045A If you are unsure if your PSU is sufficent just let me know the brand and model so i can take a look at it! For the 3.3vsb you are looking at 5Vsb on the ATX psu the adapter does do the conversion to a 3.3Vsb voltage! So don't get confused you won't find 3.3vsb on an ATX PSU
  12. Memory

    Yes, do that regularly! you need to solder in 400 pins so not on the easy side. Can offer you a 128mb Ram upgraded board if you want one
  13. XBox Hdmi Cable

    @Jason Fenton No it doesn't affect your console at all! I'm from Germany so all my consoles are Pal ones. By default a Pal Xbox only outputs Component at 576i and once it's set to NTSC you can output 480p, 720p and 1080i. And for anyone who's interested in how sharp the picture is at 720p here are a couple quick shots i just took with one off those cables:
  14. External XBox Hdmi Mod!

    Got all the parts together to build a few more! And now they are for sale here:
  15. XBox Hdmi Cable

    So finally they are completely ready and for sale now I can offer 2 Versions off the cable: -The first offers stereo audio on the HDMI signal and 5.1/digital audio through the optical port. -And one second does offer 5.1/digital audio on the HDMI sigbnal and through the optical port. The price for the cable that only has stereo on the HDMI signal is 70€ (~87US$) +shipping cost 3,70€ (~4,30US$) and paypal fees. For the fully digital version that also offers 5.1 through the hdmi signal the price is 75,€ +shipping cost 3,70€ (~4,30US$) and paypal fees. You can choose between black and white for the case color. I do also offer the Case with a cutout or as a completely closed case. You can easily illuminate the case with a couple 0603 leds and resistors. Solderpads for those are present! Got a couple HDMI cables ready in both the full 5.1 Version and the version that only offers stereo through the HDMI connector. If you have any questions just drop me a PM! For those who want to install the HDMI Cable internally i can of course also offer the Adapter without the Avip cable attached for cheaper. The prices for the 2 versions would be: The version with 5.1 on the HDMI signal: 55€ +shipping cost 3,70€ (~4,30US$) and paypal fees. The version with stereo on the HDMI signal: 50€ +shipping cost 3,70€ (~4,30US$) and paypal fees. To use the cable the Xbox needs to be set to NTSC region and then just plug it in and you connect your console to your hdmi TV!

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