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  1. Hdd Fixes for Games

    Anyone know how to use the CD ROM Patcher????
  2. How To Change the Location of the Soundtrack ? (Solved)

    Nice work! It was hard coded tho 😃 hex editing the xbe was a good idea.
  3. Lba48 250gb Hard Drive Issue

    V0 doesn’t look right to me. Like Kaos said you probably need to reflash your chip with the latest bios.
  4. How To Change the Location of the Soundtrack ? (Solved)

    I think the soundtrack location is sort of hard coded. The games know where to look for it so moving it won’t work.
  5. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Thanks for clearing that up Kaos, i only found out about NULL'ing the hdd key a week or so ago myself and so far that knowledge and the Pi eeprom read/write program has helped me to recover 2 dead xboxes.
  6. Lba48 250gb Hard Drive Issue

    I would make sure that you are on the latest X2 bios, you may need to update. It should be available in the Google Drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QmJnbB-NJFH4f3TgVBmit-GRrSJ3Ah4M hosted by Xbmcmods
  7. XBmc4gamers Not Starting In 720p

    Have you looked through the c drive in a file manager? You should have the msdash files there somewhere? Do you have a softmod or a hardmod? If it’s a softmod they will definitely be there. You need to find and run the dash.xbe file. If you do have the msdash for whatever reason then see below 😃 You can download the clean c drive files from various places. Grab that and then ftp to a folder called ms dash then launch the xbe from there. That should work to allow you to enable the Hd resolutions.
  8. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    @blunty A lot of people use an og xbox for their arcade cabinets. I would recommend getting a new SATA hdd and a Startech ide2sata adapter and not using an old IDE one. Also use rocky5’s disc and null your eeprom hdd key before you do anything else hdd related.. it will make things much easier in future if your hdd dies. The hdd lock password will then be 32 zeroes so you can easily install a new hdd. 😃
  9. Beta XBox Website

    I hope your website gets some steam up and becomes a haven for info and hard to find files. I thought like you were maybe stretching to far by having another forum for the ogxbox, there’s not too many of us left that still mess with these aging consoles, best to try and keep the community in one place rather than fragmenting us all over 😃
  10. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Making XBE shortcuts are easy, google for a program called xbe or Xbox shortcut maker. It’s very simple to use and creates a shortcut to whatever xbe file in whatever location you wish. edit: here’s a link https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/article2434.html or do you have a modchip? If so just tell the modchip where your dash is and it will boot direct from there 😃
  11. Sega Gt Online Dlc

    Don’t know but I’m gonna grab it before it disappears again 😃
  12. Which Bios

    I’m definitely going to try it. Can it make images from already extracted game files?
  13. Which Bios

    Thanks for the heads up @KaosEngineer Does this patch work for all games??? I can think of a few games that will definitely be fit from this due to small files 😃
  14. XBmc4gamers Ready To Install

    I always keep a backup dash, just in case. Then I can used my modchip bios to change the dash path to the backup dash and then fix any issues with my usual dash
  15. Which Bios

    I didn’t know about that patch!!! So does that work for the handful of games that don’t play from extracted because of long file names????

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