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  1. *sold* Og XBox X3 Modchip Solderless System - $100

    You'll have a hard time getting $100 for that even on eBay.
  2. V1.6 Ram Upgrade Bios

    Why exactly do you need 128MB of RAM? Games are not designed to utilize anything over 64MB.
  3. 40pin 80 Wire Ide Cable

    Amazon, eBay, etc
  4. 40pin 80 Wire Ide Cable

    Just buy a 24 inch cable and fold it properly. It's not very difficult.
  5. Flubber Flutter

    The flubber animation isn't linked to the hard drive at all, in fact it's compiled directly into the kernel. I do agree it's weird you'd see problems with 1 type of hard driver over another but it shouldn't effect the boot animation at all. Could be related to power draw?

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