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  1. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    a tester would be useful for this one. 13 to 14 and 11 to 12 jumpers perform on the cable connector.
  2. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    converted the official composite to component output, by moving the stock Video, Audio L, Audio R contacts to RGB, and adding 2 cables for audio. Can't see any distortion, everything looks fine.
  3. XBlast Modchip With Broken Cpld

    Kaos Engineer as usual, giving full answers
  4. XBlast Modchip With Broken Cpld

    thought the same, because seen traces going to LCD, but not sure about the name of the chip, never had to deal with such stuff.
  5. XBlast Modchip With Broken Cpld

    Yeah, I checked the repository before creating this thread, sadly no way to get an XBlast atm, Benny not wanting to sell anymore, nor release the CPLD and Schematic sources. I just wanted LCD on my HaloBox. damn..
  6. Feels Good To Rock Og.

    lol, I remember watching the tree textures in Halo CE and saying, OH MY GOD, look at this shit!!! (in 2002)
  7. Feels Good To Rock Og.

    bunnie, is that you?
  8. [rel] Gta San Super Modded V2 for XBox

    I have one with 128mb RAM, also it has CPU upgrade. Maybe you have some time to edit the draw distance and maybe other stuff and upload the file here, or let me know on how to do that. So I can test if it works. Also, my Xbox restarts everytime GTA SA is launched, the Xbox is PAL (but settings are set to NTSC) and if it's turned back to PAL the HD 720P resolution is not available. So what I have in mind is: - patch GTA SA for 720p output - edit draw distance and see what is the best result which will balance between performance/visuals Any ideas? ps. the idea that came a few days ago which possibly will fix the GTA SA reboot loop, is to edit the eeprom settings on Xbox, so it will be "native" NTSC
  9. XBlast Modchip With Broken Cpld

    Hello World So I've finally found a Xblast Modchip but... broken one, before buying it, would be happy to hear any advices from the techy folks regarding this situation and what can be done. So seems like the guy who sells it, somehow succeded to crack that U4 chip, and cut a few legs on the Xilinx CPLD, which looks like - they can not be repopulated. The questions are: 1, What chip is U4? 2. Will the new replacement Xilinx XC9572XL CPLD need any firmware? (did not found anything on the xblast repository) 3. Will the SVF from Aladdin Xblast Mod work in this case? (as I know, to launch XBlast bios on Aladdin Modchip, the PLCC32 must have the bios itself, then CPLD also should be written with something) This is how the SVF for Aladdin CPLD LC4032V-XXT44 starts: ! Lattice Semiconductor Corp. ! Serial Vector Format (.SVF) File. ! User information: ! File name: C:\dev\perso\aladdin_xt_mods\1MB_LPCmod_banks\1mb_lpcmod_banks_epv.svf ! CREATED BY: Universal File Writer V2.48 ! CREATION DATE: Tue Dec 23 20:45:48 2014 ! Device: LC4032V(B) Erase,Program,Verify 1mb_lpcmod_banks.jed ! LATTICE_NOTE "Device" "LC4032V-XXT44" ! LATTICE_NOTE "Checksum/CRC" "B6F5" ! SVF Revision: D Format ! ABEL MACH432S30 ! NOTE ispLEVER Classic Compatible Fuse File. ! NOTE Copyright (C), 1992-2014, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation. ! NOTE All Rights Reserved. : ! NOTE DESIGN NAME :1mb_lpcmod_banks ! NOTE DATE CREATED :Tue Dec 23 20:45:43 2014 ! NOTE DEVICE NAME :LC4032V-10T44I ! NOTE DEVICE TEMPLATE :M4S_32_30 ! NOTE PIN ASSIGNMENTS ! NOTE PINS portLCLK : 39 : in ! NOTE PINS portPWR : 26 : in ! NOTE PINS portHD : 9 : in ! NOTE PINS nportLRST : 2 : in ! NOTE PINS xportLAD_3_ : 21 : inout ! NOTE PINS fportLAD_3_ : 41 : inout ! NOTE PINS portLFRAME : 40 : out ! NOTE PINS portD0 : 31 : out ! NOTE PINS portX : 30 : out ! NOTE PINS portL1 : 29 : out ! NOTE PINS xportLAD_2_ : 22 : inout ! NOTE PINS xportLAD_1_ : 37 : inout ! NOTE PINS xportLAD_0_ : 38 : inout ! NOTE PINS fportLAD_2_ : 42 : inout ! NOTE PINS fportLAD_1_ : 43 : inout ! NOTE PINS fportLAD_0_ : 44 : inout ! NOTE NODES cnt1_0_ : A_M12 ! NOTE NODES cnt1_1_ : A_M14 ! NOTE NODES cnt1_2_ : A_M13 ! NOTE NODES inst_OSbnkctrl : B_M2 ! NOTE NODES OSbnkSW_1_ : B_M12 ! NOTE NODES inst_OSKill : B_M7 ! NOTE NODES inst_init : B_M13 ! NOTE NODES inst_direction : A_M5 ! NOTE NODES inst_OSdisable : B_M14 ! NOTE NODES inst_IOcyc : A_M6 ! NOTE NODES iportMCUreg_0_ : A_M8 ! NOTE NODES iportMCUreg_1_ : B_M11 ! NOTE NODES iportMCUreg_2_ : A_M9 ! NOTE NODES iportMCUreg_3_ : A_M15 ! NOTE NODES OSbnkSW_0_ : B_M15 ! NOTE NODES signaltypeLpc_0_ : A_M10 ! NOTE NODES signaltypeLpc_1_ : A_M7 ! NOTE NODES N_81_i : B_M5 ! NOTE NODES N_24_i : B_M6 ! NOTE NODES portL1_0 : A_M11
  10. My First Slim Build

    the X-MenBox
  11. [rel] Gta San Super Modded V2 for XBox

    maybe increase the draw distance, and add slightly better textures. As I know GTA is one of those games with heavy amount of modding tweaks.
  12. Converting Controllers To Wireless

    got you, but what's the brand of your wireless controller?
  13. [rel] Gta San Super Modded V2 for XBox

    oh god, watched the screenshots and wanted to play it right here, right now. Gotta clean the MadCatz Wheel and go through woods with 1st person view inside the car. Hope to find time and somebody to help me add some improvements in GTA SA for Xbox with 1ghz and 128mb, if that's possible.
  14. Converting Controllers To Wireless

    You mean Logitech? and are you playing Halo, Quake, Unreal, how you notice the lags, what are the symptoms?
  15. So I was wrong, the Xbox heaset has 3 contacts, GND, MIC, SPEAKER Just check what pinout your headset uses, before trying all that. At least, a soldering iron can fix it, by reasigning the wires in this little black adapter.

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