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  1. Console/Game Collections.

    Not a collection but I'll play.
  2. Hello Everybody.

    Hey everybody the Names Albert but CptKlink is my Handle. I thought my introduction I would share my awesome score and my first time owning an OG Xbox. My first time owning an OG Xbox and an awesome score happened only close to 6 years ago. My now wife and I just took the big step at the time and moved in together and we both desided we wanted to get some kind of console just nothing new cuz both of us are more of a fan of older games. So we began searching Kijiji (Canadian form of craigslist). After a few hours of searching we found someone selling a PS1, N64, and an OG Xbox with 2 Dualshock controllers for the PS1, 4 official N64 controllers for the N64, and 5 controllers for the xbox 2 being logitech wireless and the other 3 official s types. All that for $120 that in its self is a pretty good deal but the real score I didn't know till the next day when we went to get them. Lucky for me the guy selling these consoles had alot of money and really little brains and just liked playing videos games. He had really no idea what he had. He said he just bought one of the most expensive xboxes he found on ebay and bought it. The Xbox actually had a xenium chip in it along with a 500 GB HDD and a set of monster component cables. The N64 also had an RGB Mod done to it and the PS1 was also modded with a modchip and came with a gameshark. The guy really had no idea what all he had and thought thats how the consoles came stock it was crazy and one of the best deals I have ever found for anything not just Consoles. Well that was my first dip in to the OG xbox and have been hooked since. Sadly that xbox I had to sell a while ago and now just got myself a 1.4 xbox again about a month ago bought for $40 with 2 duke controllers a/v and power cables and 16 sports games. I now have it TSOPed with IND 5004 with a 250 GB HDD, 80MM fan mod, Internal Logitech Receiver mod, and internal wireless network adapter mod.
  3. Internal Wireless (Wifi) Adapter

    These kind of adapters don't have, use, or need drivers. everything is self contained pretty much. You just need to log in to it from a web browser to connect to its OS and set your wireless key all done through the network. Once all setup you can unplug everything from the router and install it the way you like in the xbox.

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