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  • Easy Hdd Activ Led
    i made this mod for my self was lazy and i dont like soldering stuf to my xbox motherboard ! so i did it to the sata to ide adapter and it works the same
  • (Release) XBox Artwork Installer
    Well the “Xbox artwork installer” is out, although it’s only on my downloader that comes with XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers. Currently prebuilt is 1072 Games with full artwork and synopsis information. There is more artwork done but that’s for specials and homebrew/emulators eg... these aren’t part of the installer. But you can download and manually install them from the github link below. Also a big thanks to everyone who scanned the disc and sleeves of all the Xbox games over at Emuxtras. If you want to make your own artwork or manually install the artwork you can...
  • Hard Drive Question
    Can you install a harddrive which is unlocked and already full of xbox content and a fully Xbox ready (Dashboard installed and drive formatted) from another machine and pop it into a X3 modded console. Will the drive need to be formatted regardless or will it see the dashboard xbe and feasibly work?
  • Two Xbox Death, Frags Why ?
    Hello, I have two xboxes, version 1.2 and 1.4 in both of them after the start Frag. They do not have a tsop. In one there was a chip for a spider web with cromwell, I soldered the chip and the console got Frag. In the second one, however, it worked but after replacing the past, it stopped competing. I tried to run both aladdin but it does not help, any ideas ?
  • XBox Ver 1.6 Power Supply 5 V Missing
    Hello, I have xbox ver 1.6, delta power supply gives 4,3 volt instead of 5v and the same drive hdd does not start. 12 volts is ok Capacitors have been replaced, but they are still the same. Do you have any idea what to check. The capacitor is 5v but on the output is already 4,3 volts
  • X3 Bios
    I just wondered for those of you who have the X3 mod chip installed in your xbox, what bios you recommended. I've not used my xboxin years so it's probably on an early version
  • X3 Instruction
    I'm looking for the instructions for the X3 mod chip by Xecuter, the one that I've found has loads of links to the xbox scene website, which is no more. Anyone know where I can get the full instructions?
  • Nintendo Lawsuit
    Nintendo has successfully brought down two websites that were hosting old Nintendo Roms for Nes ans SNes games. It seems this may be in part to Nintendo wanting to clear competition for a planned release of official retro roms for their current console. I can see it from their point ( I used to work for them in the 90's) but as the games mostly in question are in some cases approaching 30 years old, you have to ask why. They already made millions back in the day, the retro rom market cant be that lucrative surely. I know 80's and 90's retro is cool but a lot of the retro rom market is a...
  • Want To Buy 1.4ghz and 128 1.0-1.1 Motherboard
    looking to buy 1.0-1.1 xbox motherboard with 128mb 1.4ghz cpu upgrade will pay a good price and shipping..All i need is the motherboard with a TSOP mod on it
  • XBmc4XBoX PleX Profile
    So, we all know there are a million better ways to view multimedia outside of the original xbox. But, I still toy with it, Here is a working plex profile for the original xbox, it is not my work..... nothing usually is. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Profiles If there is no "Profiles" folder then you just create it. Tested and working with a few known bugs ; Known issues: Seeking does not work (I've tried a bunch of settings and suggestions I found online but nothing worked) All subtitles are burned in, even though XBMC can use SRT...
  • Lost the Collection of 97 Emus for XBox, Iso Zone Is Gone Now:(
    I had a copy of the collection of 97 emulators for the xbox from isozone, but my machine died and now isozone is gone:( Am I completely screwed or is there another place to get them again anywhere?
  • 4 Crystal Xboxes !
    all 4 of them work perfect 3 are orginal and never been opened 1 had a modchip i took it out and sold it ! so it needs a new modchip they need a bit of cleaning of course specialy the smoker xbox shipping to uk is 10 euros !! so its cheap other countries ask methese are 240 volts xboxes not 110vshipping to usa canada mexico north america is 180+ dollars !! i also have them on facebook UK OG XBOX Modders RetroMania XBOX (RMX) OG Xbox Fanatic (Modding/Buying/Selli
  • Farmer X-Tender Guidance
    Hello Everyone. Since I found this site I have dug into my basement and uncovered all my xboxs and ready to get back to them after many years of just sitting. One thing I found was me X-tender kit made by Farmer. Does anyone have any insite on this kit or advice? I am excited for getting this going..Also, I was wondering, with the appropriate adapters, could I possibly put in SATA drives? Potentially 6 TB...Oh my!!LOL
  • Power On Twice To Get Video?
    Hi guys bit of a novice who gets the basics and I'm learning as I go Okay so the issue is that when I power on (power button) I get no video output with solid green ring, then when I power off(again power button) and power back on everything is fine, boots normally into XBMX Emustation and alls well. I've noticed that when I power on from the eject button it boots first time no issues. So the issue I'm trying to fix is Why do I have to power on and off again to get video? I've troubleshooted as far as my knowledge limited knowledge allows, reseated cables, checked modchip...
  • How To Set Xbmc4gamers As Dash On Tsop Xbox
    Hi Everyone, As the title says, how can I set xbmc4gamers as my dashboard on a TSOP xbox. current dash is unleashx. Thanks,
  • Can't Ftp Games To Console
    Hi all, I've recently performed a rewrite of the TSOP (EVO M8+) on my PAL console, using the Hexen CD but i am unable to run backups. I've tried the following scenarios Game tested: Psychonauts PAL Original DVD OK DVD2XBOX OK FTP or Burned DVD NOK (gets booted back to unleashX) Original and iso are from the same game to eliminate other variables (ISO is also PAL) but it doesn't boot. Any guesses of what might be wrong? I'm more concerned about not being able to FTP as i wan't to remove dependencies from the hardware that can fail overtime more...
  • Time Reset After Removing Clock Cap.
    I recently took my old xecuter 2 modded 1.4 xbox out of storage and have replaced the drive and removed the clock cap and its working great. The only issue is if i power off for a few mins and then power on I get a blank screen and it wont boot. If i disable the mod chip and go into the normal OS its looking to set the time(fair enough as i removed the cap). Once i set the time and enable the mod chip it boots fine. Is there a way to hard set the time so this doesn't always happen. My UnleashX front end gets the time from the internet correctly anyway. Any help or guidance...
  • New To Softmodding One Question About Halo Edition.
    To be honest I'm just not sure If I should swap my softmoded MB to the halo edition or softmod them both. I honestly want to sell the MB but I donk know how to show its a Halo Edition on the /MB. ANY ideas ?
  • Don't Judge
    LOL. Well here is some of my collection. I am a bit unorganized so don't judge..LOL My wife calls me a hoarder...Silly woman. I am in the process of cleaning up and organizing the collections very soon though. So this could be a before and after scenario. Enjoy.
  • Star Wars Falcon
    This is not mine but I plan on making one some day...Just thought I would share the image. I have about a doz pics if anyone wants me to upload them all.
  • New XBox Psu for All Versions
  • Xcm Hdmi
    any one has this device and tested it with the og xbox
  • XBox Ver 1.0
    Hello, I was flashing the xbox version of the tsop 256 kb with the plug, half finished the process and after this the screen is black. I installed the xchanger chip, the console works, is there any chance to repair the tsop? Regards
  • XBox Won't Boot Games or Emulators Off Hd
    After a Tsop and 1tb HD install - I had Ninja Massive, a few Xbox games and Emulators working fine. This morning I go to power it on, everything looks fine but it will not Boot any of the above mentioned. Loads for a few minutes and returns me to UnleashX Dash. I cleared the cache and don't know what else it could be. Any tips or help with this is greatly appreciated ;(
  • No Video or Audio Output
    Hi Guys. I recently picked up a Halo Edition Original Xbox that has not been modded. It is completely stock. It powers on and has a solid green light around the eject button, however the drive will not eject and it does not output video or audio. I have tried both component cables as well as composite cables that work with another Xbox. I have also searched the web for help but have not come up with anything. Do you guys have any ideas as to what could be wrong? Could I possibly have bad video and audio output chips? Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you might have.